Colorado Summertime!

Through weirdness I ended up staying at a farm near Boulder where I met other farm hands that were going to a Bluegrass Festival.

The other workers took me in and were so amazingly kind to me. The Bluegrass Festival was held in a town called Telluride. The story behind that unique name goes like this: back in the hay day of mining the town was established. The town moto was that if you tell anyone about the town, you have to ride out of town: leave. Completely surrounded by mountains every way you look, with long thin waterfalls shooting out from the top of the mountains –totally straight out of The Lord of the Rings movies! I was enchanted, and on top of beautiful scenery I got to listen to amazing bluegrass music. Everyone I met said this festival was the highlight of their year and completely encompassed the spirit of Colorado.  I felt like the luckiest girl ever. It was nice making lots of friends and dancing the night away to banjo music. The night of the full ‘Super Moon’ all 3,000 people howled at the moon as it came up behind the mountain’s peaks and silhouetted the pine trees. Once fully raised the Super Moon had a rainbow circling around it, and the band played twangy moon related music. “Take time to howl at the moon,” everyone sang: pure magic.

One morning I woke up feeling very low, I missed Fred fiercely and walked into town for a Chia Tea pick me up. I went to a funky bookstore and went right to the self-help relationship section.  I timidly choose a cheesy titled relationship book and read holding back tears. When I had to get up to get more cream for my drink I made sure to tuck the book upside down and halfway under my purse so no one passing by could see what I was reading. As soon as I stepped away from my table the guy sitting next to me grabs the book and reads loudly the title: “If the Buddha Dated”. I was mortified but he and I ended up talking for several hours and vowed to meet up after the festival.

You never know what’s going to happen or who you’re going to meet –I’ve learned that everything and everyone turns out to be important.

After the festival I chilled in Boulder for a couple days and then headed up to Fort Collins, Colorado. At the festival I unexpectedly met Fred’s best friend, Casey, old girlfriend. We recognized each other through facebook pictures and hit it off right away spending time together at the shows. She, Robin, invited me to stay with her and her two roommates in Fort Collins. I was thrilled to be staying in a house full of girls after living with the house full of boys in Denver.

The girls were great! All art majors, music junkies, beautiful, and incredibly sweet and funny. We went to shows together, got frozen yogurt at midnight (most nights), went on hikes, watched chick flicks, went camping, and talked talked talked! I also went with their huge group of friends to see Railroad Earth play at the Red Rock Amphitheater –okay, this venue is amazing; huge burnt red boulders come shooting out of the ground at perfect angles to direct the sound at the audience who are on a hill. Which is great because then everyone can see the band and still have dancing room with unbelievable sound. Truly natural out did it self at that place!

After being in Fort Collins for a couple weeks, girling it up, I went back to the Rocky Mountain National Park and met up with my friend from the coffee shop and did a little camping trip. Watching the sunset over the peaks of the Rockies was the highlight of that trip –and red, orange, and pink is blazed into my memory.

Colorado was amazingly beautiful with the mountains, boulders, streams, forests, wildlife, great music scene, constant parties, activities, and unbelievably attractive people (the whole time I was there I don’t think I saw anyone under 20 or over 40, and everyone is super healthy and in shape). But I was happy to leave -you know that sang “too much birthday”? They made a Bernstein Bear book about it –anyways, I felt like I had too much Colorado; always staying up 2 or 3am with a day completely full of people and parties. It was fun, a super college kid scene but it left me feeling very un centered. Plus, I didn’t do all that much camping in Colorado (I was there a month or so and only camped for a week and a half) and house-life makes me feel anxious. In conclusion, I got itchy feet and was very much looking forward to leaving and going to Yellowstone -getting back into my camp-life routine.

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