After going to the great Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, we drove to Utah.

Bryce and Zion National Parks were beautiful but somewhat uneventful. Zion had a beautiful stream running through it was great vegetation, and Bryce’s strange rock formation were mind boggling but both Fred and I were over the desert scene. We wanted some green lush forests and waterfalls. Surprisingly at Bryce Canyon it started to snow –seriously, it started snow.

We camped out for a couple nights on BLM land outside of Zion and decided to go to a WWOOF farm Fred knew about. It was a Hare Krishna Indian Temple that had a garden and lots of animals. The Temple was beautiful! There were other WWOOFers there too most of which were our age: a guy from Austria, a girl from Italy, best friends from a town near Liverpool, a girl from Massachusetts, a girl from Utah, and a guy from South America. We all became instant friends and spent our days cooking and cleaning the Temple kitchen, working in the garden, and taking care of their 30 something Llamas and peacocks. Unfortunately the peacocks were in deep in their mating season. And the boys were screaming their mating calls all damn day and night –probably one of the most annoying sounds on Earth.  The people of the Temple were strange; they believed that showing emotion was a sin. So they never smiled or laughed. Mostly they were weird and rude and seemed annoyed by our presence. The first week we were there we hated being around the people who lived full time at the Temple because of their negativity. But during the second week it seemed as if their hearts softened and we all became friends.

The WWOOFers, Fred, and I went to natural hot springs in Utah. There were two waterfalls spilling into hot pools of salty fart water (as the two blocks from Liverpool called the sulfur water) surrounded by deep forest and flowers in bloom. We all had such a good time together! The Liverpool guys were amazingly funny; like two standup comedians playing off each other –plus, I think everything is funnier with a thick British accent!

We all played volleyball together, using the Llama fencing as a net for hours. We watched movies together, ate all our meals together, and had bon fires. It was the first time the kids of Europe had a smore! They weren’t impressed by our American culinary genius, though.  

All the WWOOFers sadly left one by one with hopes that we would someday come and visit them all over the world: magic. When it came time for Fred and I to go (we stayed for two weeks) the woman who ran the Temple who had been the biggest bitch to us since day one, cried at our departure and urged us to say. Proving, that first impressions can certainly be wrong and that you never really know someone, until you really know someone. 

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