One night, after selling scooters, a great meal, and round of laughs with Christopher and Grace I had an epic dream. A dream so real and vibrant it needs recognition just like any other momentous occasion.

Okay, it’s kind of long, but here goes:

Fred and I are at some beach at night time looking at the stars –just like real life. And I’m just amazed at how much the stars are twinkling, “I mean wow they are really twinkling like glitter this is crazy I have never seen stars like this! Look how the shimmer!” I say. Fred’s nodding his head like, yes they are incredible, honey. Then suddenly all the twinkling stars turn into a heard of flying Pelicans! All of the Pelicans fly into a straight line and lean back, slowing flapping so that their stomachs are facing and lit up by the giant full moon. I’m so taken aback just all freaked out and confused but really happy by what is happening. I tell Fred over and over, “look! Look!” after a moment the Pelicans see me watching  them and they all fly down to the sand and morph into seven people –right in front of my very eyes! I’m totally dumbfounded and the people say hello and what’s up and start telling us their names. I can only remember one girl’s name, Maria and the man in the center, who seemed to be the leader, Javier. I ask them how in the world they could possibly be the stars, Pelicans, and people –they all kind of chuckled and Javier tells me, “oh we can be anything it doesn’t really matter it’s just a physical form.” I’m totally astonished, floored, and I feel that I really like these people a lot –especially Javier. Javier goes on to tell Fred and I in a super causal, want to order a pizza, kind of way that whenever we want we can hang out with them, be with them, be anything we want to with them. “Whenever we want?!” Yup, any time.

As dreams play out, suddenly I’m in this house under remodeling. In the garage I am by myself and looking around wondering where I am, I find a staircase and see Javier painting a wall and listening to the radio. I don’t remember what, but I walk up and we start talking about something when I notice a man with a gun at the bottom of the stairs giving me a bad look. I’m pretty sure it was one of the military guys from Guatemala, I get all paranoid and scared like I’m not supposed to be there and he’s mad. But Javier tells the guy not to worry and that I’m with him and it’s all cool –phew, I think. I asked who the guard was and Javier told me that he just guards this house and I’m all good to be there and that the only purpose for the guard being there is just keep bad people out.

Poof! Now I’m in the pool of this waterfall (I think it was Big Rock Falls in Belize) with Fred, Valerie, and P.L, our French hitch hiking friends we met in Texas and took to Mexico. It is night time and we are all swimming around and I tell them all that I had this incredible dream with a guy named Javier (a dream within a dream, I love it!) and they all nod and tell me that yes they had same dream. I’m jubilant, so happy that we all had the same dream. Then all four of us rise up out of the water, suspended in air looking at all the stars. Out of nowhere comes a super strong warm wind that gushes us with glitter. And there’s just glitter everywhere shining in the moon light flying all around us and we are all so incredibly happy.

Then I wake up.

My whole body was tingling head to foot and I awoke with such a jolt, with an unbelievable amount of energy –I mean I felt like I could run a marathon. I pushed Fred awake and asked him repeatedly if he had the same dream I had, I was so sure he had. “Um I don’t think so,” he said, apparently he had some dumb and random dream about being back in high school. I told him right then and there about my wonderful dream, talking a mile a minute and saying over and over again, “it was so amazing!” He slipped back to sleep within seconds of the ending, but I had this immense surge of energy. I wanted to go to jumping jacks in the night outside and race around the desert –plus, I really had to pee. But I had this very deep notion that I could not leave the tent. Like my body wouldn’t let myself unzip the zipper and leave. No, I had to stay in the tent no matter what; I could absolutely not leave the tent. It was so weird, but I knew I just had to sit and feel all this energy, alertness, and overall feeling of bliss that seemed to be doing the Macarena in each of my cells.

Clearly the best dream ever. I’ve speculated that maybe I went to some other plain of existence or spirit world, or just somewhere otherworldly and magical. Also I considered it was just a great dream since it involved places and things I have seen. Additionally it could just be a big imagination running wild while my consciousness snoozed.

I really don’t care because it was marvelous! One thing for sure –something no one can talk me out of- is that I am 100% now fully aware that I have a constant, protective, super cool and casual, powerful guardian angel. Whom my sub conscious has decided to call Javier.

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