Ballplayers and Hicks

We worked for seven weeks for the catering company at the Glendale ball park. Fred worked in the kitchen truck doing dishes, prep work, and some cooking. I worked on the buffet line mostly with the Chicago Major League White Sox. Basically I would just put the food out for them and keep the eating area clean and make small talk with the players and staff. The ball players were all friendly and nice but it was easy to tell right away that we were worlds away.

They just couldn’t imagine living in a tent or eating lots of vegetables. Their life was controlled by money and everything was very superficial; with the expensive cars and clothes. I liked working with the Minor Sox a lot more because they were more my age and younger at heart. I made friends with most the Minor guys and got asked out on dates daily.

A long seven week period, cut short: we worked our butts off to save up money for our travels, splurged on good food and cooking experiments, and rested up for the road ahead.

The crazy thing about working for that long period was how little things changed! I mean in a matter of weeks we’ve been in completely different places, with new people, and doing crazy new things all the time. Now we are in terrible Phoenix with its pollution, horrific traffic, and weird housing situation. But yet nothing too monumental happened…Its just strange how when you work a job it totally dictates your life, granted we were working 10 to 12 hour days 6 days a week. There were some triumphs and failures at work but for the most part things went pretty smooth. Obviously it was BORING!  We were glad when it was over but proud of ourselves for making some dollars and making some new work friends. One of the Highlights was a mountain top Music festival that we went to with some new friends we made at work. It was a wonderful taste of creativity, laughter, dancing to amazing tunes, and great vibes. Definitely our scene and more “real world” to us, outside of the wilderness.

We had a week between the baseball gig ending and the new catering gig starting so Fred and I went up to a National Forest, Canyon Lake and Lake Pleasant. Both were super beautiful: the damn-made lake, winded through towering rock formation in high elevation, there was great hiking, and pretty sunsets. We had such great days! Woke up, do some yoga up on a high rock and then go off trail for hours and hours. The desert was in full bloom with flowers or every color, shape, and size. We hiked for hours until we got to impressive look out points and decided we could go no further.

After the baseball gig ended we worked with the same catering company at a huge country music festival still in Arizona. It was only five days of work (in which Fred was pulling 14 hour days) cooking and serving food to the V.I.P guests. Never in my life have I been right in the midst of so many hicks! Everything was drinking, drinking, drinking, girls, and trucks! No lie! A couple of nights Fred and I went out with our work crew to watch the bands. The bands were not very good –only singing about partying and machinerary and all the whole audience of 40,000 paid hardly any attention to the performer. They were all too drunk. I mean, really, really drunk. Acting ridiculous –it was funny but Fred and I felt like fish out of water, especially Fred with “hippie” written all over him; tie-dyed, barefoot with dreads and short Rugby shorts.

One day our coworkers put Fred up to dressing like a girl and walking around the show all night long and he did it! He put on my tiny little Daisy Duke shorts (to my horror they fit him perfectly) and he wore a flannel in slut fashion, exposing his midriff, I put his dreads in pig tails, and a girl from work let him borrow a cow girl hat! Completely hysterical!

Fred sure fooled the cowboys! As we pushed through the crowd men were asking each other if that was a dude they just saw. And while we were dancing together a drunk guy behind relished in his good fortune of seeing to lesbians dance together, “oh yea!” he kept screaming. Another drunk cow boy started dancing with us, taking turns twirling around, when Fred tried to twirl him around the guy fell right on his face and looked up at Fred with drunken horror! We almost died of laughter that night! Plus, he made $40 from the people at work for actually doing it!

Coming from hippie world, to rich baseball player world, to hick world sure cause whip lash! But you make the most out of it, and it was fun, definitely makes Fred and I both very proud of whom we are, the path we have chosen to follow, and our morals!


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