The Caribbean Sea

There are two highways in the entire country of Belize, Hummingbird going north and Hummingbird going south. We decided to cruise south, the highway snakes around some small mountains, through luxurious landscape, everything deep green, blue skies, blooming flowers; the whole shebang. We picked a bunch of grapefruits off the side of the road and blasted Bob Marley as we drove down the scenic highway, absolute paradise. Unforgettably perfect.

We drove out to this little town called Hopkins which is on the coast of the Caribbean Sea; it’s a less populated American vacation destination for the beaches, warm water, relaxing atmosphere, etc. Upon entering the town Fred pulled over to pick up coconuts that had fallen off the trees. See, down there they only drink the water out of coconuts for some reason and since they are everywhere no one really bothers harvesting the wild ones. Coconut is one of Fred’s favorite things on this planet so we ate free ones off the ground and, from climbs, literally all day every day. While he was collecting them we spotted two Toucans flying together around the palm trees!

We hung out with a gang of little Creole kids (that kind of Caribbean -Jamaican very dark black ethnicity that has an English dialect all their own) swimming in the sea and beating each other up. They of course thought we were crazy, especially Fred for eating the meat of coconuts. The little kids picked up jelly fish and threw them at each other and screaming, screaming, screaming! We talked to some Alaskan tourists who just loved it there, for the fact that it was so relaxing (a.k.a there’s nothing to do). We weren’t really into it because we wanted adventure –not lazing about on the beach. Fred and I realized that we were pretty damn spoiled; growing up on Lake Michigan where a beautiful beach is always a bike ride away, simply necessary to existence not a vacation spot.

A gang of huge Caribbean guys called out to Fred because of his dreadlocks and we all became friends. They were tour guilds, snorkel guilds, and Mexican brown weed dealers. We hung out with them all day on the beach and they told us almost everything about Belize’s landscape, culture, struggles, marine life, and of course how we are “fooking craz’, mon!” We really wanted to go on a snorkeling trip with them but the only ATM in the area had just been robbed and we could not get the funds. We snuck behind an expensive hostel and hid behind a fence to steal their wifi to try and do a money transaction but no go. That night we set up our tent on the beach and planned for the next day. IMG_2710 IMG_2719 IMG_2745

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