You buy bracelet!

Fred drove us down to the most southern tip of Belize to a tiny, mostly Mayan inhabited town late at night. We asked a big group of guys with guns if there was anything fun to do in the area. They told us that they were guards of their Mayan Ruins and that there was a cave that was definitely worth checking out. So we camped out on the side of a bank for the night. The next morning we woke to women villagers and little kids doing their laundry in the steam, slamming their clothes against rocks style. They seemed very confused by our car but never approached us.

We got lost a few times in the jungle; the trails were not worn at all and there weren’t any signs or maps. Fred found a local in town who gave us some direction and some little girls pointed out 8 giant iguanas that were chilling up in a tree above us. They demanded that we “buy bracelet” from them, but we explained that we lived in our car and had no money but they really didn’t get it… “you, you buy bracelet!”

Finally we found the correct path across cascading pools and beds of rock and flora to a massive cave. Not as big as the cave we went to on Christmas day but deeper –really deep. They said the cave stretched over 100 miles into the surrounding mountains and into guatemala. If you hire a local guide and get the necessary life jackets and flash lights you can swim 20 or so miles into the cave -completely in the dark. Honestly even if Fred and I had money there would be no way we’d do that. It looked straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean –like evil mermaids and monsters dwelled in those waters. The cave roof had huge needle rocks hanging all over, and the water was a dark teal, then green, then black. Fred traversed the rock wall to venture down into the cave with his head lamp, but quickly came back. I wouldn’t even get in the cave water –too creepy. I would rather stick with the sparkling sunny water in the sunshine.

We talked about continuing down to Nicaragua, Honduras, and go to South America –it wouldn’t be that hard, take out a bunch of money from our bank accounts and get some paperwork together for the car, and just keep going. But we both felt a strong urge to come back to the United States, mostly because we missed being able to talk to our parents and friends. We felt we neede to improve our spanish to continue deeper into latin america.  Also we surprisingly we really missed American food. Or more accurately, we missed knowing what we were going to buy. We couldn’t buy anything in Belize because we only exchanged a certain amount into the Belize dollar –we had no clue how expensive things would be in Belize. Gas alone was $7.50 American! And Chips Ahoy cookies were $6.00 American. So we lived off quinoa and ketchup, this Raw Protein Powder stuff I don’t care to revisit and delicious PURE bars that were gifted to us in exchange for our veggies, by our wonderful friends and neighbors, Kevin and Veronica who founded the company. So anyways, we had very limited funds –oh well, time to leave Oz and go back to Kansas

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